• 24Hr Health Oral Spray - The Best Delivery System

    24Hr Health Oral Spray - The Best Delivery System
    Which delivery method is more effective – Pills, Gummies or Oral Spray? 24Hr Health Oral Spray provides 9x absorption vs. Pills and Gummies This means that vitamins and supplements are over 95% absorbed into the bloodstream vs. only 10% absorption of oral pills through the digestive tract. This delivery method allows vitamins and supplements to be sprayed directly into the mouth, which contains the...
  • Vitamins & Children

    Vitamins & Children
    Anyone with children understands that the life of a parent comes with many ups and downs. And as the old joke goes: kids don’t come with an instruction manual.
  • Vitamins & Picky Eaters

    Vitamins & Picky Eaters
    About 30 – 50% of parents of preschoolers describe their child as a picky eater!And a new study from NTNU shows that 1 in 4 kindergarten children has such quirky food preferences that researchers classify them as picky eaters.
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