Vitamins & Autistic Children

“They say it takes a village to raise a child. That’s especially true for parents of children living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)”

If you are a parent of a child diagnosed with autism, finding a community of people who intimately understand the unique challenges of parenting an autistic child can make all the difference.

About 1 in 54 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) according to estimates from CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring. So you are far from alone.

In this section of this blog post we are going to cover some of the struggles you’re probably dealing with and some key insights into something that may help!


Everyday is chaotic

It’s typical for things to be nonstop all day, some moments will be great but some won’t be quite so great. You feel incredibly stressed and exhausted and there is that constant feeling that the house is falling apart.
Even when it looks like progress is being made, there is always a good chunk that will be lost and will cause things to move backward.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not going through this alone. There are physical/emotional resources you need to keep going.

One thing that I have heard recommended time and time again in the community is taking walks.

This may sound too simple and there will be times when it is unrealistic to step away and go outside but taking a walk is the most effective way to decompress and release all that tension. It will help clear your mind and act almost as a total.

I promise you won’t walk back in your door in the same state of mind you were in when you left.

Walks will give you those precious moments of alone time to let all the problems of the day go away and give you a few moments to just breathe.

Don’t believe me?

Go out on just a 2 minute walk the next time you get stressed out and see how much it helps.


Trips to busy & public almost never go well

If you are raising a kid with autism spectrum disorder you know very well by now that having to go places like walmart or target almost never go well.

It’s pretty common for autistic people to find themselves overwhelmed by all the sensory input that exists in abundance at these superstores.

This can make things incredibly difficult for you as the parent because there are always situations when you need to go buy something.

It is best to avoid having to go into these sensory unfriendly places when you have your kid with you because it puts an unfair amount of stress onto them.

The daily life of an autism parent is one of constant vigilance. It’s chronic sleep deprivation. As well as both physical and emotional exhaustion. It’s often being pulled in a million different directions while trying to put out the constant fires that pop up throughout the day. I still have to make sure everyone gets what they need, all while trying not to lose a sense of myself along the way. ” - Rob Gorski (

An incredible advancement in the research of vitamin supplementation could hold the answers to your daily problems

In a groundbreaking study, researchers proved that vitamin D supplementation reduces the symptoms of autism among children!

Why children might need vitamin and mineral supplements:

Children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have long been prescribed vitamins, minerals, and natural supplements to help with sleep, gastrointestinal distress, and boost low vitamin levels, all of which are common in children and adults with ASD.

Studies now show vitamin D reduces manifestations of ASD

A study published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines found that children with ASD who supplemented with Vitamin D3 showed improvement in signs and symptoms related to ASD. Amber Tovey, the Program Manager for the Vitamin D Council, sums up the research as follows:

“After four months, vitamin D supplementation significantly improved the core manifestations of ASD, which include irritability, hyperactivity, social withdrawal, stereotypic behavior, and inappropriate speech. The placebo group did not experience any significant improvements.

“Furthermore, children who received vitamin D supplementation experienced increased cognitive awareness, social awareness, and social cognition compared to those who only received the placebo. Vitamin D supplementation significantly decreased repetitive hand movements, random noises, jumping, and restricted interests.” (Tovey, 2018)

Dr. Adams, the director of the Autism/Asperger’s Research Program at Arizona State University and President of the Autism Nutrition Research Center shares the following advice for parents who decide to try supplements for their child:

“We recommend that all children and adults with autism consider a 2-3 month trial of a vitamin/mineral supplement designed for individuals with autism that is similar to the one used in our studies. By starting at a low dose, and gradually increasing it, there is minimal risk of adverse effects, and many children and adults are likely to benefit, sometimes substantially.”

This breakthrough is outstanding and one that inspired us to create a product that makes it super easy for kids with autism to get the vitamin supplements they need while also avoiding the stress of having to swallow any pills.

Not only this but we understand that it would be a huge inconvenience for you to have to head over to a superstore and buy a supplement. To help with this we offer our product directly to consumers!

You can get a bottle of our kids multivitamin spray (which includes vitamin D) shipped straight to your door.

That way you can avoid all the hassle and still reap the life changing benefits that a multivitamin supplement can bring to your child’s day to day life.

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