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Parenthood is not easy, and ensuring your child has a proper and healthy development is even more difficult. Things can be even more challenging if you have an autistic child on your hand. To assist you in your journey of responsible parenting, we have come up with 24Hr Health Vitamin & Supplement Sprays.

Kids Multi-vitamin Spray- Easy Nutrition

The 24Hr Health Kids Multi-Vitamin and Supplement Spray is basically kid’s multi-vitamin on the go! The spray bottles contain a highly nutritious and yummy solution which no child is able to resist. It was created to provide your autistic child with natural energy, vitamin replenishment, anti-oxidants, and added nutrition. Using this spray just once a day is enough to provide your child with all the vital vitamins and minerals and reaping their benefits. It is far easier and more efficient than having a stand-off with your child or chasing it around the house to get him to swallow a sand textured multi-vitamin.

And do you know what the worst part is? Only 10% of that pill gets absorbed into your child’s bloodstream, and that too can take hours. All that time, effort, and tussling for just 10%!? However, our intra-oral spray is different and far more effective. Thanks to its liquid nature, it is 95% more easily absorbed and merely takes seconds to get infused into the bloodstream and boost your child’s vitamin and mineral supply.

Many people right now must be wondering, what exactly are they spraying into their child’s body and introducing in the little one’s bloodstream? They need not worry. The spray’s rich content is composed of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E, among other components such as sodium, folic acid, niacinamide, riboflavin, and D-biotin. All of these ingredients combine together to help boost and maintain your child’s proper and healthy development and to provide your young one with natural energy, vitamin replenishment, anti-oxidants, and added nutrition.

Alongside this, a form of vitamin B, called vitamin B6, is also found in the solution. This particular vitamin is especially beneficial for children who have autism. These children tend to display a range of symptoms and actions such as erratic behavior, obsessive speech, and anxiety, just to name a few. These behaviors can prove to be quite distressing for the child who is displaying them as well as for the parents who are dealing with them. However, vitamin B6 is pretty helpful in easing the autistic symptoms displayed by these children and can tone them down. This product can also be of value to such parents and children due to its ease of use. As mentioned earlier, this product is significantly easy to use, and it can provide your child with the necessary vitamins and minerals with just a few simple pumps.

The 24Hr Health Vitamin and Supplement Spray for Kids are also portable and very easy to carry. You can take it with you, even on vacation! You never know when your child might need another pump to kick-off his system. Just throw the tiny spray bottle into your purse or pocket, and you are good to go. It is lightweight and will not burden your shoulders already heavy with the weight of parenting.

Overall, the 24Hr Health Vitamin and Supplement Spray for Kids is an ideal product for parents who want to ensure their children have a healthy mental and physical development. It is extremely simple to use and appeases to the taste buds of children. It has multiple benefits in store for your child and can be consumed by children across the spectrum. This spray is easy to carry and is extremely effective once ingested by the child. In conclusion, it is a great choice to use this multi-vitamin solution in comparison to a pill. The product is also GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified, which only increases its credibility.

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Kids Multi-Vitamin Spray- Nutrition at your fingertips

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