Mom's Struggles

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A Mother is a very significant individual in everybody's life. Her love can't be contrasted with anything; she is equipped for pardoning any menacing behavior. Nobody else can think about their children the way a Mother does. Now imagine being a mother of a child who has autism or requires some special care and supervision. It's impossible to fathom the empathy a mother possesses and how she does it all with a smile on her face.


Autism is a disorder that can be defined as the condition that affects an individual's communication and interpersonal skills, and it equally reflects on their behavior. The intensity of it is excellent during the childhood days, but it eventually fades out and gets better as a person ages. Boys are likely to get affected more than girls. The challenge to parent a child primarily for a mother gets even more formidable with this disability involved than its usual course, and it can be embarrassing too. Most parents experience stress, but for those raising children with autism, everyday life often brings stress with a capital S.

Upbringing A Child

There's no denying that a mother's job in upbringing a child is perhaps the most significant responsibility one could carry on their sole shoulders. Feeding them healthy and nutritious food is also one crucial task to achieve but can be challenging too if your little one is sitting there lips sealed and saying "no" to everything you put in front of him/her. A study reports that one in four elementary kids are peculiar about their food choices.

The bright side of it is though it can be frustrating and disappointing at first, kids gradually grow out of it as they grow old. The pickiness can come from various sources such as the look and feel of the meal, or the color, or it can be just a part of their personality and shows their desire to control things. War at the dinner table is not the solution, and neither forcing it down, their throat will help. After a long day at work or home with all the cleaning and other children, it infuriates the mother to come and beg, bargain, or bully with the tiniest member of the household and yet they don't seem to budge.

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