Our Story

The Background

As the owner of a community pharmacy, I had a good overview and knowledge of everything that went on at our location. My pharmacy was the setting, and my lovely wife was the inspiration behind my idea for 24Hr Health.

One day, I noticed my wife (the pharmacist) taking longer than usual on a specific prescription. Instead of putting medication directly into the bottle, she was crushing pills for certain patients. Many patients have difficulty swallowing pills (known as dysphagia), yet a larger group choose not to take pills, and still a larger group identifies as picky eaters and struggle getting their nutrition from food.

The Scenario

Upon learning about the difficulty that some of our patients were facing when taking pills, a particular incident stood out to me. A pediatrician prescribed a specific compound for his 6 year old patient that required pills to be turned into a solution to be mixed with food; however, the taste was so off-putting to the patient that the child had stopped eating altogether. My wife decided to liquify and create several different flavors to find the perfect tasting solution for the child to enjoy; this idea worked like a charm.

The Idea

Soon after, word got out and multiple other pediatricians began to send their scripts to be used for the same liquid compound—that was the moment that the idea for 24Hr Health was formed. I figured that if liquifying prescription medications was possible, liquifying OTC drugs could be the next great step toward helping individuals everywhere to get their daily vitamin and supplement intake that they need, all in one convenient location—a spray bottle.

The Science

Not only do oral sprays create a better and more convenient ingestion method that kids love to use, but they also provide maximum bioavailability and efficacy to its user. Oral sprays provide for 9X increased absorption by completely bypassing the digestive system and penetrating the soft tissue in your mouth. Instead of taking hours to be absorbed into the body, these sprays allow solutions to be absorbed within seconds! Not only this, but oral sprays make solutions up to 900% more absorbent than traditional pill ingestion, which is only 10% absorbed. This method of vitamin and supplement ingestion is better for the absorption and overall effectiveness of every nutrient that is taken orally.

The Commitment

While completing thorough research and time on development, I decided to focus all my time on creating this self-funded 24Hr Health project. After countless hours spent on R&D, this project has finally become a reality. Oral sprays for vitamins and supplements are the future of nutrient ingestion for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy. 24Hr Health Vitamin & Supplement Sprays are convenient, fast acting, and great tasting for a perfect alternative to traditional pills.

About Us

Since the day that 24Hr Health was first established, it has always been our goal to provide families with unique alternatives to traditional supplements that are guaranteed to help children to love taking their daily nutrients. We strive to be the absolute best in the industry; in order to meet our high standards, we focus much of our time on our unique delivery methods.

Our family owned business was founded on the interests and benefits of children much like our own in mind. We care about the quality of our ingredients, the safety of our ingestion methods, and the unique factors that make 24Hr Health so special.

From Our Family To Yours, Thank You!

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