Picking your brain over what to feed your choosy child is challenging. Children who eat too much junk or are picky eaters do not only compromise their health, but also their development. Getting your child to take in all the necessary vitamins and minerals is imperative but oh so difficult if your child finds everything disgusting!

Kids Multi Vitamin Spray- The taste of Health

Now you might think, “But why this spray? What is wrong with a pill?”, and your question is perfectly valid. There are tons of alternatives out there in the form of multi-vitamin supplement pills. However, we all know how difficult it can get to make a child take his or her medication. Getting them to swallow a pill is not only difficult for the child but a feat on the parent’s behalf as well. And if the child lacks nutrition due to disliking most foods’ taste, how is a bitter-tasting, sandy textured pill going to make things any better?

Now even if we assume that the child complies and easily swallows the pill; did you know that only 10% of that pill will get absorbed into the bloodstream, and even that will take hours!? On the other hand, our liquid-based solution is fast-acting and up to 95% more effective than a pill. Due to its liquid nature, it immediately infuses into the bloodstream right after its ingestion.

This fast-acting multi-vitamin spray is created to help boost your child’s vitamin replenishment; it provides the child with added nourishment, antioxidants, and natural energy. It consists of all the vital vitamins and minerals that are required by a growing child for healthy development. The spray’s rich content is composed of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E, among other components such as sodium, folic acid, niacin amide, riboflavin, and D-biotin.

This product is safe to use by children across the spectrum, even those who might have any gluten allergies or dairy allergies. We are aware that gluten and dairy are important constituents of a healthy and balanced diet, yet some children are likely to get more harm from these products than benefits. The 24Hr Health Vitamin and Supplement Spray for Kids are entirely free of gluten and dairy and provoke no allergic reactions. Instead, it may help to compensate for the lost nutrition due to the child not being able to consume gluten or dairy.

Other than additional health benefits, the spray also makes your life and that of your young one a little bit easier. For instance, the vitamin B6 found in the solution is particularly useful for children who have autism. These children might display symptoms such as anxiety, erratic behavior, and troublesome speech, which might prove to be a source of misery for the child and parents alike. However, vitamin B6 is known to relieve and tone down the display of such symptoms in autistic children. On the other hand, children with autism are at least five times more likely to be picky about their food and face other mealtime challenges and meal-related tantrums. This compromises their intake of nutrition and serves as another reason why the 24Hr Health Vitamin and Supplement Spray for Kids are right for you and your child to restore necessary vitamins and minerals in your child’s body.

In comparison to the heavy list of benefits of the 24Hr Health Vitamin and Supplement Spray for Kids, the spray bottle itself is considerably light-weight and easily portable. So now your child will never have to go without proper nutrition, even if you are on vacation! The product is also GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified, which means that our product has value and quality. All in all, the 24Hr Health Vitamin and Supplement Spray for Kids is a must-buy for parents whose children are picky eaters to ensure that their child does not miss out on any nutrients.


Just the Right Nutrition, Just the Right Taste


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