Special Needs

A fun, convenient, and tasty way of taking Daily Vitamins

It’s always a constant battle for all the parents to provide a healthy life for their children. From the moment they are born, there is a new challenge every day, but the most concerning and hard days are when the child gets sick or is conditioned in an equally stressful way for both the parent and the child. A unique conditioned child requires more care, support, understanding, love, and affection while giving them their personal space. It’s not unknown that most special needs children show a particular dislike towards all kinds of foods and medicines, whether it be essential vitamins, minerals, or healthy everyday meals.

The ultimate solution to your kids’ nutritional needs

Parents have to deal with many situations as they go through each phase but having to deal with providing them their daily vitamins shouldn’t be one, and we have just the right product to do it for them. We have developed a Kids Multi-Vitamin spray, specifically for kids with special needs. Each ingredient used in the making of this spray is dairy and gluten-free, so there is no need to worry about any allergic reactions. Additionally, our vitamin supplement covers all the vitamins required by your little one at an early age.

For instance; Vitamin A – helps in strengthening the immune system, healthy skin, and vision; Vitamin B – helps in metabolism, nervous system, and production of energy, Vitamin C -helps in absorbing iron, Vitamin D – develops the formation of bone and tooth and also gain and retain calcium, etc. The children who are not meeting the need of proper nutrition through diet, i.e., the children with special needs who have developmental delays due to varying medical, congenital, or psychiatric conditions, require an accommodation to reach their potential; this spray will help them feel good and healthy with daily use.

Easy To Use

We understand that every child is different in various aspects and has different preferences, needs, and wants, including the parents of said children. Many children disapprove of the thought of taking medication, be it pills, capsules, or liquids. Sometimes it the consistency and sometimes the tastes, which bothers the kids. Therefore, we introduced a grape-flavored spray that tastes tempting, delicious, and is enjoyed by many kids. Our spray is fun to use and comes in a little bottle, which lasts about 4 weeks, using 4 sprays each day. This is enough to fulfill the vitamin requirement of your little offspring.

24hr Health Kids Multi-Vitamin and Supplement Spray is all you need since it is a modernized way to take vitamins in the form of an intra-oral spray providing 95% more absorption than a regular pill entering the bloodstream with seconds. 24hr Healthy Vitamin and Supplement Spray is specially curated in a way that is convenient, easily carried and taken, fast-acting, and great in taste as it can also be mixed with food without it tasting bad and mostly for the maximum ease of all the parents and special need children, having one less thing to worry.


The spray that can help your kids get the vitamins he needs


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